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Hot New Spectator Sport: Dick Jump

1.  For some reason today I feel like everything is gonna work out.  I've learned my lesson.  I'm stil trying to work things out but idk.
2.  I did some dumb shit lastnight I fuckin stayed over at my friends house pretended to be asleep but before that I let my dick hang out of my boxers and was peeping through a small hole through my arm to see if he was watching.  LMFAO.
3.  I did the whole make my dick jump thing too....he was sooooo turned me on.
4. I still have a crush on this guy at work.  Idk sometimes I get signals sometimes I don't.  Makes me wonder if its just me looking too far into shit.
5.  I'm ready to be done with 2010.  I learned everything I need to know and I'm ready to apply that to 2011.  I think its gonna be my year.  Word

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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