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!@#$% you're pregnant?

! Today I finally asked him. I asked him if he still thought of me from time to time. I do not know where I got the strength to ask him, but I got it. He surprisingly said yes. God knows I still think about him. He crosses my mind maybe every day!
@ The guy from ! is my ex. As of now I am in a wonderful relationship with a guy who I have loved for too long. I have had this boy in my heart since high school. I have never felt this way, not ever for !. I had strong feelings for !. I did love him, but that love is nothing compared to the love for my boyfriend now. I am so lucky to have him. I would be completely lost if I did not have his arms to fall into. This may be my future.
# I have let @ ruin my priorities. I have put everything from school to work to friends on the side. I never touch my phone when we are together. I wish I had discipline and could manage my time wisely.
$ I could careless about my exes, but I hate to see them with new girlfriends. I am an envious person and I let it get to me. I just hate that someone is going to treat ! better than I did. I still FB stalk. I cannot control myself.
% I hope I am not pregnant. Or do I? I am not ready to be pregnant, but I do not think I would mind it. I love @ and I plan on him being my husband. These random symptoms scare me.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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