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Kinda not really a joke

well no one knows this but I walk around, go everywhere and do everything with a small "bunny rabbit" vibrator in my ass. I know it sounds crazy because I'm a male. But I am in no way gay. I like women but I love the feeling of my asshole having a vibrator in it 24/7.  I'm scared one day someone will find out. I just can't break the habbit.

My second secret is... I sometimes get kittens and puppies for free on craigslist every once in awhile. The bad part that I drown them after I have them for a day or 2.

My third secret is that when I was younger I use to shit in my parents bed, and then blame it on my younger brother. Sometimes even when I go and visit them ill shit in my hand and then smear it on there bed. And blame it on my bro. My brother is now 23 but is mentally challenged and can't speak.  So I watch him get slapped and hit a lot.

My fourth secret is I jerk off in socks still.  I try not to but damn I can't help it.  When I'm home at work or at the gym ill sit there and jerk it without anyone seeing me.

My last secret is.........I pee in the shower.  No just pee but...I pee in my hand and then drink it and rub it on my body like soap.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

[This set of secrets was submitted twice. The second submission included this post script:

"Last this was all a joke....well not really ok it was....well kinda not really....maybe this is just a fantasy. Half real half fantasy lol.  I love u all. God bless"

I sincerely hope that the ones about abusing animals and the abuse of your brother are the ones that are false. Unfortunately I doubt that's the case. What do the rest of you think?

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