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The little things count

1. I feel like there's something wrong with me because im a girl and i think about sex allll the time. I masturbate like once a day minimum. I've been with my bf two months now and we barely started having sex and i act shy but i want him to be rough and nasty and hurt me but im scared he wont like me anymore..he likes me he says because of how much a good girl i am.

2. Sometimes when i masturbate i think of a not lezbian because thinking of being with a girl like relationship wise grosses me out but a one night stand or something turns me on. I think women are beautiful and the the thought of touching beautiful boobs and her touching me down there is so hot!

3. I've been with my bf 2 months but i don't feel happy. Im too scared to be alone though. Im so happy when im with him but he never seems to be here for me when i need him. He doesn't usually meet my emotional needs. I feel like he is who i need when its convenient for him or when he feels like it. He also mentions his ex ever so often about little things and ivwanna tell him shut up idont care to hear her name.

4. I feel like i've settled when im not with him because he really isn't everything i want.,just emotionlly though. I just need someone that can be my "person" and to me the little things count. I wish he would just prove me wrong surprise me..its sad that i can already predict him.

5. I was molested when i was a little girl, and then raped when i was 16 which sometimes i think might contribute to my" sex addictive thoughts/constant masturbation" and my bf thinks he took my virginity.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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