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My suggestion: Dump him

1. I flirt and turn guys on for fun. I like the attention, I think I'm addicted to it.

2. If my bf ever finds out I think I'm gonna loose him, he found out that I sent a picture to a guy once and he flipped his S**T.

3. I love hime but he treats me like shit. Never pays attention to me and drives me to flirt with guys/girls more.

4. I've had offers from people I flirt with but its not the sex I want. It turns me on just to get attention from them being turned on. It makes me feel like someone wants me.

5. I never cheated on him but I want to. I buy sexy out fits and try soo hard to get his attention or get him to sleep with me but he just ignors me! It makes me feel ugly! What kindof guy ignors his girlfriend for video games when she is sitting there on his lap with nothing but a school girl skirt on and nothing else!! I'm not fat but he makes me feel like it.

(Bonus) I like to try new kinky things, but no matter what I try he still ignors me. He's not gay he just only wants to have sex when HE wants it. Controle issue? Low sex drive?? Any suggustions anyone?

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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