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Doesn't notice or doesn't say so

1. I've been molested three times since I was eight.

2. I had sex with my ex boyfriendds bestfriend a month after I broke up with him.

3. I hate my best friends sometimes because they are so
much prettier than me
so when we go guy shopping I
 feel like I have to act more like a slut to get the guys

4. I believe in everything, and have seen ghost and have been touched by one

5. I feel like I'm slowly losing my best friend to her new friebds who are horrible influences on her and dont even have.enough respect for either of us to say hi to me when we see them. And it really upsets me but I lmoat keep out to myself and she doesn't even notice.that I stopped asking her to hang out.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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