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I need some of those pills

1) I'm going to do my own business and do investments and every one in my family talks down on my dreams because they r so boring and safe. Only the select FEW (as in 2 or 3) believe in me and those r the only ones is help or take with me on lavish vacations and the rest of my family can suck it and wish they believed in me at first

2) I pick my nose and stick them under counters, chairs, couches etc if I have no tissue.

3)  all my ex best friend did was complain I like to b happy so I'm glad we grew apart. I felt like I had a nagging wife sometimes. Complain this and complain that...ugh

4) I need to be more athletic, there r so many sex moves I wanna try....but sometimes its just too much work lol.

5) when I lose weight people compliment and ask what I'm doing. Although I don't really lie, in this case I brag about exercise and eating right and what they should do....when really I take diet pills. Hahahaha

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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