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Sucker for punishment

1. I hate being touched. I hated when my bf/gf touched me kissed me did anything physical with me but never said anything cuz I didn't want to hurt to hurt them.

2. I've been single for 2 years but I still have sex with people just so I feel attractive and I hate it.

3. I've never loved anyone, not even my family. I didn't even know what love was

4. I like to play hard to get because I like the attention.

5. I'm in love. Every moment I'm with him is the best in my life and every moment he's gone my heart hurts like nothing I've felt before. The first night I met him we talked all night and before he left he gave me a kiss that sent electricity thru my entire body. Every since that day he hasn't so much as touched me and my body physically longs for his touch and it freaks me out a little cuz I hate when people touch me. Every night I think about our first meeting a cry myself to sleep because I ruin my chances with him and to make it worse idk how I ruined it. I feel so pathetic cuz I would do anything to be with him. Sometimes I think I might be winning him over but then he just disappears from my life again.

If you have any advice about any of these feel free to email me ( wordNinja21(AT)gmail[DOT]com ) or leave a comment, I'll bee looking forward to it especially from you K

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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