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1. I always thought I'd never be the guy at home on weekends alone with noone to talk to
2. The only reason I don't cut or drink anymore is because of this girl who I barley speak to anymore but I wish we were close again
3. I read this site daily and post on here sometimes just so I feel like someone cares
4. I act like all the stuff that people say about me doesn't bother me but everything someone says about me I remember and at night I lay awake thinking of how it would feel to just kick there ass.
5. I want to drop out of school because I feel like noone cares that if I just disappeared noone would care

Gender: n/a
Sexual Orientation: n/a

[Random note: I have always loved the linked song, like want-to-have-it's-babies love, but until this secret reminded me of it I had never watched the video and had NO IDEA this dude was so hot. So thanks, you made my day!

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