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Booger bandit

First off gotta say, glad the site is back up. Even if it only turns out to be for a while.
Ok now the good stuff. I have slept with about 7 or 8 women since getting married. I love my wife but I love myself more and she doesnt give me what I need all the time.

I fantasize about fuckin my best friends ex wife. They have been divorced for almost two years and while im still his friend I have to admitt I have always wanted to screw her.

My wifes little sister has dropped like 80 pounds and she looks good. I would like to test her out too.  I was hoping her weight loss would inspire my wife. No such luck.

I think somthing may be wrong with me because I get off to seeing women  rapped. I dont know why but the shit just turns me on so bad.  I havent done it but I fear that one day I might just lose it and say fuck it. Right now the only real thing that holds me back is that I have a daughter. And I know I would  broken if that happend to her.

Last but not least I picked my nose and this huge buger came out of it. Instead of wiping it in a napkin and tossing it out I wiped it on on of my wifes shirts. When she saw it she got pissed at me but I told her it was our 4 year old son who did it. She slapped him pretty hard. Sad thing is I dont even feel bad about it.

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