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Front Door Back Door

I recently went away on vacation. While there, I met a guy @ a bar. We got along and I took him back to my room and let him fuck me in the ass.

2 days later, on my last day being away, this guy my age that worked at the hotel kept giving me looks. He went into the bathroom and I followed him in. I asked where the gym was and while he explained to me where it was he was playing with his bulge. He was hard and you could clearly see his (large and fattt) dick. Biggest I ever saw. He asked me if I liked it. 2 minutes later I was on my knees in the handicapped stall sucking on his dick. He had to get back to work so he told me to wait for him in the bathroom. I did and a while later we went back into my room. He only had a little bit of time but it was enough for him to fuck my face until he came.

i went over to this abondond house the other day with this kid 2 years older than me. I fucked his ass standing up against the front door entrance. We couldn't finish because he couldn't take it. He stopped talking to me after that day.

The day my ex pissed me off enough I went to this guys house and let him pound my ass on his bed. He did for about 2 hours.

About 2 months ago I brought a korean guy home. I let him fuck me. It was his first intercourse. I didn't even feel his tiny dick.

I'm a closeted 19 year old guy.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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