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Because they are horny thoughts?

I've started smoking again. She doesn't know.

I started watching porn again and masturbating too. I have a high sex drive and don't get enough "attention".

My ex was so much freekier in bed. She did everything. I miss that sometimes. She reads five-secrets and I kinda hope she sees this.

She understood me and never judged me. I can't trust anyone like that. She knows my secrets about my gay experience. She did things in bed that were "different" and enjoyed it. She even did it without me asking for it.

I've never experienced sex with a guy. I had a suck buddy in highschool. I want to get fucked by a man though. I had the strap-on with my ex and that was great. But I want a man to fuck me until he cums in my mouth and on my face. The funny thing is when I'm not horny, I don't have any of these thoughts. Wonder why that is.

+++I just want to thank you for keeping my secret. Even though we didn't work out, I still have fond memories of you.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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  1. id love to be with a man who loves to be fkd.. mmmmm.. maybe you should tell your partner about this before it becomes too big a problem..


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